The Adventure of Walter the Cactus

The Adventure of Walter the Cactus is a side-scrolling platform game that takes place in the desert, where the player controls Walter (a cactus) as he traverses through the dangerous desert infested with wild snakes, scorpions, vultures, and lizards. It was developed with Frank Han and Adrian Yue using Unity.




Asroka is a one to two player paper-based strategy game which players collect resources and reach the final destination within a limited time and supplies. The game was designed to be printed on one letter size paper.

Download and play




The Journey of prototyping

The game was built with RPG Maker MV. It was the quarter-end reflection for HCID 521 Prototyping Studio. The map was created based on the CoMotion Makerspace in the University of Washington, and the in-game characters represent the instructors, Justin Hamacher and Andrew Davidson.

Download and play (supports Windows and OSX)


The Poisoned Soup

The Poisoned Soup is a Traditional Chinese text adventure horror game created with RenPy visual novel engine. The story adapted from the famous Japanese scenario "Poison Soup", which was written for the TRPG Call of Cthulhu by Doroshinshi. The music and graphics are all fan-made and were shared under Creative Common license.

Download and play (supports Windows and OSX)