Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design, University of Washington

B.S. in Psychology, National Taiwan University

    I am a User Researcher with the background in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. Combined with my interest in computer and latest technology, my job is to form the connection between human and technology, and to design a way that allows the technology to become part of our life. With both science and design training, I solve the problem in a systematic, scientific, and creative way.

    In my leisure time, I am a gamer and a game developer. I enjoy creating characters, stories, and fantasy worlds, which this not only allows me to share my imagination with others but also trained me to think freely and out of the boundary. I am extremely interested in VR and AR, and I am excited about how the advance of VR and AR could change the future of storytelling, how human could interact with each other in a new way, and how user research and interaction could help us shaping the user experience of this new technology.